Why you don’t want to get caught violating equipment embargoes


It’s that time of year when equipment manufacturers release new equipment.

Ryan Barath/GOLF

For gearheads, this is generally considered the start of the most wonderful time of the year. New gear is teased or revealed almost every week from now until mid-January on tour, on social networks and the media. It is important to note that almost every piece of gear has an embargo date attached to the release.

As we discussed in the last episode of GOLF Fully featured podcast, compliance with the embargo date is important. While we’d all love to break a gear story, there are consequences to getting there early, especially if it’s an important commodity.

Such was the case in 2014 when Nike launched its Vapor line in New York. While at the hotel where the product launch took place, I heard the story of a guy who risked everything to offer photos of Nike’s new gear to the masses before the lockdown was lifted. embargo.

He ended up learning a valuable lesson. Watch the video above for the whole story, then listen to the rest of the episode (embedded below) to hear our thoughts on all the new gear dropping in Napa.

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Jonathan Wall

Golf.com Editor

Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com Editor for Equipment. Before joining the team in late 2018, he spent 6 years covering PGA Tour gear.


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