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In recent years, drinks with low or no ABV have increased. From non-alcoholic beer, spirits, and calming EOD beverages, a wide range of hangover-free still and carbonated beverages have made their way onto bar carts across the country. So it’s no surprise that there’s now a new summer bubbly on the rise: hopped sparkling water. Certainly, Lagunitas set the trend with its 2019 Hopped refreshment, but the new category only seems to be getting bigger. Fans can buy a hopped up DayPaks from Athletic Brewing, and more detailed recipes (full of nootropics and adaptogens) from dedicated hop brands like HOP WTR. Today we take a look at Nike’s new Premier League ball, Garphyttan’s trail-ready shorts and Balmain’s new trainers. It’s fast today.

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Ready to start another season?

This year, the Nike Premier League Official Ball is full of nostalgia. The ball features the old Premier League logo, vintage sponsor details and ultimately pays homage to the 1992 Miter ball used in the league’s first season. Built with AerowSculpt technology, the ball is designed to wobble less and move more easily through the air and on the pitch. Although the ball won’t be used until the first league games kick off in August, fans can take their own ball home from Nike’s official website on July 15.


Topo Designs boasts that its new Global case features a mix of “mountain-ready recycled materials” and “travel-friendly features” – and what more could you ask for? The versatile Fair trade clothing The certified bag uses durable 100% recycled nylon and can be carried in three different ways (backpack, shoulder bag or traditional briefcase). It also has a padded laptop compartment and is available in five fun colors. For just $129, the bag is a dependable EDC sure to come in handy on any ride.


These shorts are made for everything

Stay ready for the trails this summer with Garphyttan’s new Specialist Stretch Shorts. The ultra-lightweight, quick-drying shorts are designed with ample ventilation and feature a series of smart, roomy pockets throughout. Perfect for hiking or camping in warmer climates, these flexible shorts deserve a spot in your summer rotation. Available for $119 in four different colors, be sure to secure these shorts before your next adventure.


Taxa Outdoors teases its new off-road-ready trailer

Fans are eagerly awaiting Taxa Outdoors’ new mobile base camp: the Woolly Bear Overland. Geared up to be an even tougher, off-road-ready version of its predecessor (the Woolly Bear), the Overland Edition has room for three adults under its rooftop tent and comes with tons of storage and storage options. a full suite of benefits. In addition to having a propane stand, tank and hose, users can completely disconnect from the mains thanks to the trailer’s 12 V accessory outlets and 12 V USB outlets. The standard Woolly Bear Overland will be available for purchase in July 2022 for $18,500, but users can also customize their unit with all sorts of additional accessories.


This unicorn is not a fantasy

Balmain has unveiled another mind-blowing sneaker. Made of neoprene and calf leather, the “Unicorn” brings together several different details that seem both bulbous and caught in motion. Notably, the sole is created from eight unique molds that wrap around Balmain’s cushioning and shock absorption system – for comfort, if not style. Fans can pick up the classic black and white models for $1,195 and pick up more colorful versions for $1,295.


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