The victim is lucky to survive a loose punch


Queenstown Police are looking for a man who loosely punched a young man at Ballarat Street Mall earlier this month.

The victim had been out with friends when she was knocked unconscious by a punch to the side of the head from the alleged attacker at 2am on July 9.

In a Ten 7 Aotearoa video released by police, Sergeant Sam Oram said the victim had no interaction with the man prior to the assault and was lucky to be alive.

The victim was making her way through the mall, playing fight with a friend, when the suspect began following them.

The suspect then approached the victim from the side and punched him in the head.

“I could feel my head crashing into the concrete…it’s just scary because I couldn’t really remember,” the victim said in the video.

The victim’s friends tried to intervene to stop the suspect from leaving and there was an altercation, he said.

The suspect was later captured by CCTV footage running through the Ballarat Mall, along Camp St and into Shotover St.

He is described as a European male, possibly in his early twenties, wearing a black jacket, loose blue jeans and white Nike shoes.

“I know family or friends or even a former teacher will know who he is and we ask them to come forward.

“If we don’t catch this man, he’s going to go on and do serious damage to someone,” Sgt Oram said.

The victim, who suffered a concussion, said he was reluctant to return to town in case a similar situation arises, and that if the police caught the person responsible it would be a relief for him and his family.

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