The Big Ten conference now has a lot of money


Even bigger news happened today as the B1G Ten got a new media rights contract for its member teams from 2023 and through 2030. It has been negotiated with and will be distributed by six different media: Fox, CBS, NBC, NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock, the Big Ten Network and FoxSports1 (FS1) .

Every Saturday, Big Ten Conference games will now air in the 12 p.m. ET slot on FOX, the 3:30 p.m. ET slot on CBS and the 7 p.m. prime time slot on NBC. These are the Big Ten games facing the fans for 12 hours every week. Great!

So, how much is this new contract worth?

B1G TEN’s new media rights deal is worth $7 billion over seven years. As they adjust their capes as they step out of the phone booth, they now wield a lot of power in the world of college football.

The Big Ten conference becomes the Super 16?

The B1G Ten will now become the Big 16 (or Sixteen). The “Super 16” sounds better. Adding the Trojans and Bruins to the nation’s 2nd largest media market is a feather in the old B1G Ten helmet.

And of course, that’s huge for USC and UCLA. The bitter city-to-city rivals will now jump hand-in-hand to a better conference with better competition, more visibility and now a lot more revenue.

The PAC-12 may now be on life support, not to mention he hadn’t been represented in the college football playoffs since 2016 (with the Washington Huskies).

The Big Ten will expand further

And the B1G TEN is not done with expansion. The new deal contains escalators tied to adding even more teams to its roster, which will bring the contract up to nearly $10 billion.

B1G Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren is an evil genius.

They could poach more PAC-12 teams. The two best teams remaining in the PAC-12, in my opinion, are Oregon and Utah. Oregon is a huge brand (with a ton of Nike money). Utah is 33-14 since 2018.

Another team that really comes into its own, both brand-wise and geographically-wise, is Our Lady.

It’s a no-brainer to go after Notre Dame. The rich tradition and recognition of the national brand are renowned. And the rivalry with USC would remain intact. If the B1G Ten calls, Notre Dame should answer the phone. Of course, Notre Dame may not respond to this call with a desire to remain independent.

But the days when we were independent are over.

Another possibility that came to my attention today is that the B1G Ten conference could make a play for Southern teams. Clemson, Miami and Florida State immediately come to mind. The current media rights agreement with the ACC may prevent this from happening. But never say never.

It’s a new world order in college football. NIL offerings, transfer portal and conference expansion are happening at an ever-increasing rate, literally on a daily basis. Stay tuned college football fans!

Oh, and that loud chirping noise you might hear is crickets at NCAA headquarters.

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