‘Stranger Things’ and Vans collaborate on a collection of shoes, t-shirts and backpacks


For the fans who can’t get enough stranger thingsthe hit Netflix show has teamed up with skate brand Vans for a collection of shoes, apparel and backpacks.

The Vans X Stranger Things collaboration goes on sale August 26 on the Vans website and various other outlets.

Fusing some of the brand and runway’s most recognizable elements, the pieces feature bold designs, such as the renowned lace-up top, the Hellfire Club Sk8-Hi, which is adorned with red and black designs from the runway. , including daggers and axes. Meanwhile, the Era low top is covered in a fiery version of the show’s title and posters around the heel.

The Vans Authentic, the classic black and white checkerboard slip-on, is reworked with red and white checks added for Surfer Boy Pizza, which features prominently in the show, while images of the restaurant itself appear as of graphics.

The classic Slip On, meanwhile, is completely covered in poster squares, like a version of the Old Skool, the low-rise lace-up shoe has “HellFire Club” running down the side, and is covered in cracks. , with fire threatening to burst through.

The clothes, while a little less dramatic, still offer plenty of creepiness, with a backpack seemingly in innocuous camouflage that, on closer inspection, is actually a Demogorgon from the series. The same creature appears in silhouette on T-shirts and long-sleeved tops, framed in pastel colors and palm trees.

Vans X Stranger Things t-shirt featuring Demogorgon.  Photo vans

Vans also offers customization through its website, although what that actually entails has not been revealed.

Prices range from $45 (165 Dh) for a classic short-sleeved t-shirt, while the “Upside down” backpack costs $95 (348 Dh). Old Skool lace-ups start at $120 (Dh440), while the Hellfire Club comfycush Slip-On is $110 (Dh403). The Authentic shoe is priced at $100 (Dh367).

If this is the first collaboration with Vans, it is not the first time stranger things collaborated to create shoes. In 2019, he worked with Nike on a collection that was released in batches over the summer.

The first part of the show’s final season began airing on May 27, with the second part arriving on July 1. Like the previous ones, the final season also broke viewership records soon after its release. Its final release for the fifth time is currently in preparation.

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Updated: August 19, 2022, 1:33 p.m.


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