San Diego Padres to wear Motorola logo on jerseys in 2023 – SportsLogos.Net News


the San Diego Padres today became the first Major League Baseball team to announce that it will carry an advertisement on its in-game jerseys.

No, it’s not Taco Bell… or McDonald’s.

As we reported a few weeks ago, starting with the 2023 season, all Major League Baseball teams will be permitted to wear a 4″ x 4″ corporate advertising logo as a crest on their jersey sleeves. This patch can appear on the left or right sleeve of the jersey.

Today the Padres announced that they will wear a Motorola logo on the right sleeve of their jersey, the patch is the “M” Motorola placed on a brown circle (hey, at least they recolored the logo so that it matches the uniform – small wins, am I right?). The logo is noticeably larger than what we’ve seen other North American “Big 4″ leagues allow – NBA caps at 2.5″, NHL at 3.5”.

As directed by league rules regarding publicity patches, this will be the only corporate logo (other than MLB and Nike logos) that will appear on any of the Padres jerseys (home, road, alternates, etc.) during the 2023 baseball season. . There are no separate offers for home and road jerseys as there are in the NHL and NBA.

LINK: San Diego Padres logo and uniform history

Major League Baseball jerseys sold to fans at most outlets, including online options such as Fanatics and MLBShop, will not contain the advertising patch, only those purchased at team-operated stores (such as those at the ballpark) may include the patch.


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