Nike unveils new high-visibility yellow and blue winter Flight ball for the 2021/22 season


The clocks have officially rolled back and winter is on the horizon.

For the Premier League, that means crowded fixture lists, more lit matches and, of course, high-visibility football!

Manufacturer Nike have now officially unveiled their second Flight ball for the 2021/22 season – a blue and yellow version of the white and orange version used throughout the season so far.

The ball will be available for purchase from the usual sources – including, of course, the Nike official website – from this Friday, November 5th.

Nike has been the official ball manufacturer for the Premier League since the 2000/2001 season. Previously, the Premiership/Premier League ball was manufactured by Mitre.

Nike kicked things off with the Merlin, before releasing the Total 90, Seitiro, Maxim, Incyte, Ordem, back to the Merlin, and finally the current Nike Flight.

The Nike Flight was designed with “molded grooves and a grippy texture” to reduce unexpected movement and “help you get the ball where you want it”.

Judging by previous years, the Nike Winter Yellow Ball is expected to be used from late November to late February.

Further details can be expected on the day the ball is released at the weekend. Early indications suggest its first use will be on Matchday 12 of the November 20 weekend.


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