Nike predicts ‘tomorrow’ in campaign so oddly different from Nike, it’s almost the perfect Nike ad


As brilliant as Nike’s marketing messages are, they can veer a bit towards the predictable – dare we even say that? – moralizing side.

So the brand’s latest work — through titular agency Wieden + Kennedy — is a whiff of fun and weird air.

Called ‘Best Day Ever’, the spot doesn’t make much sense, not least because he’s trying so hard to row so lots of messages in your throat at once, you kinda forget what it was about in the first place.

The ad bills itself as Nike’s optimistic ode (to its credit) to the future where a woman will run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds, a shoe will grow from a plant, the mental health of athletes.” will be respected” (a clear nod to tennis player Naomi Osaka) and a woman will run a marathon on Mars! Among other things.

Check out the wonderful weirdness below:

Commenting on the spot, Nike CMO DJ van Hameren said: “I see sport as a form of education. “You will learn how to win, how to lose. But you will also learn how to connect. You will learn about yourself. You will learn what excites you, what interests you and you will do it through several stages of life.

“It may not start with ‘I will grow as a person because I play this sport’, but one day you will inevitably look back on this experience and see how you have developed through the lessons you have learned and the people you were in contact with. I know that’s true for me,” van Hamaeren said.


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