Nike led every brand on screen during the Super Bowl

Just Did It: Nike Led All Brands in Super Bowl Screen Time, According to Automated Rating Survey


Joe Lemire

Consulting firm Elevate Sports Ventures partnered with cloud-based AI provider Hive for a brand valuation study using automatic logo detection during Super Bowl broadcasts, identifying over 75 minutes of exposure beyond traditional ads for an equivalent media value of $170 million.

The data was compiled by Urticaria Mensio intelligence platform, which reported that 19 brands received more than 10 seconds of screen time during the broadcast of Super Bowl LVI on NBC. Nike, which is the NFL’s on-field apparel supplier, led the way with a total of 46 minutes and 37 seconds of screen time while Pepsi, the show’s halftime sponsor, led the way with a total of 46 minutes and 37 seconds of screen time. received 11 on-air mentions, the same number as the second and third most mentioned brands, Toyota and SoFicombined receipt (Toyota sponsored NBC halftime report; SoFi is the naming rights partner for the game site).

News coverage and highlights will amplify exposure, with the report predicting that every minute of in-game screen time results in about four minutes of additional exposure, based on last year’s Super Bowl. Elevate and Hive noted that apparel brands accounted for two-thirds of brand exposure, led by Nike but also Oakley, New Era, Adidas, Under Armor and Air Jordan.

Elevate Sports Ventures is a joint venture of the San Francisco 49ers and Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, with Oak View Group, Ticketmaster and Live Nation as additional partners.


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