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Samba TV partners with Disney, iSpot acquires Tunity as networks prioritize sports streaming measurement


Andre Cohen

A pair of streaming audience analytics companies, Samba TV and iSpot, made significant strides this week. Samba TV partnered with Disney to measure audiences on its platforms, including ESPN and ESPN+, while iSpot acquired Tunity.

Both samba television and I spot serve as digital-focused alternatives to traditional Nielsen ratings, as networks see their audiences shift from linear to streaming platforms.

According to Axios. Disney’s executive vice president of sales Lisa Valentino told Axios that about 40% of Disney’s TV ad inventory is now streaming, with most coming from Hulu and ESPN+.

iSpot’s software, meanwhile, can detect when a viewer leaves a screen while an ad is playing and will now have an out-of-home measurement app. Tunity join his arsenal. Tunity’s mobile app allows users to scan a TV to stream audio in real time, which is especially useful when watching sports in bars and restaurants that normally have muted TVs. The app allows networks to track listeners to get a better estimate of how many people gather in a public space to watch a sporting event.

NBC has an existing multi-year deal with iSpot, which the network used earlier this year to measure viewership and exposure for video ads during Super Bowl LVI and the Beijing Olympics. NBC used Tunity for the Tokyo Olympics.


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