Nike could take over the pack and shares are already rising


Rumors have swirled that sportswear giant Nike could potentially buy Peloton – yes, the company that makes the exercise bike Mr Big used before he died in the sex and the city to restart.

Peloton has already had a pretty crazy start to the year. Firstly the sex and the cityThe reboot presented the bike as a killer and then Peloton cleverly released an ad featuring Chris Noth aka Mr Big who cleverly capitalized on the show’s publicity.

Then Peloton pulled that ad due to the sexual assault allegations that were made against Noth and now arguably the biggest sportswear giant in the world, aka Nike Inc, would have wanted to buy them out.

Of course, the rumors of this takeover come after yahoo reported that as of Friday, shares of Peloton closed just above $27. This is quite a change from December 2020 when they were priced at &163 – basically, now is the time to bid.

However, AL JAZEERA reported that shares of Peloton Interactive Inc rose 22% after news broke that both Nike and Amazon were considering buying the company — not exactly small fry buyers.

The interest drove Peloton shares so high that it was the best day they had had since 2019! According to Forbes, Peloton’s market cap is $10 billion, but that’s not huge for Amazon and Nike.

yahoo reported that New York University marketing professor and professor Scott Galloway said, “This is no longer a bet-on-the-ranch acquisition for a company like Nike.

“Peloton’s incredible loss in market capitalization makes it an even more attractive target.”

Of course, in addition to all the publicity of And just like that. Pelotons have grown in popularity during the pandemic and have truly become a phenomenon – they’re considered a fancier version of the old-fashioned treadmill.

So it will be interesting to see if Nike or Amazon buy the company, what they do next. Maybe Amazon would offer free shipping?

Still, one thing is for sure, a Nike tick would look great on a Peloton.


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