Major US companies suspend operations in Russia in protest


There is a long and growing list of major US companies that are shutting down business operations in Russia to protest the ongoing war with Ukraine.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest US companies that have expressed their opposition to the Russian-led conflict by shutting down or otherwise curtailing operations in Vladimir Putin’s country.

Some big US companies are pulling out of Russia because of Ukraine

Here are some of the major US companies that are halting business operations in Russia to protest the ongoing war with Ukraine.

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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and a research team from the Yale School of Management are tracking the list.

Adobe: Based in San Jose, Calif., Adobe announces that it has suspended operations in Russia.

Airbnb: Based in San Francisco, Calif., but matching travelers with livable space almost anywhere in the world — except Russia. Until further notice they have suspended all reservations.

Alaska Airlines: You might have guessed somewhere in Alaska, right? Wrong. The company actually moved its headquarters to Seattle, WA. And, even more recently, suspended all Russian partnerships.

Alcoa: The sixth largest aluminum producer in the world, is based in the Steel City. They will gladly sell you aluminum in PA but not in Russia.

AMD: Advanced Micro Devices is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and recently announced it was suspending sales of sensitive technologies in Putin’s country.

American Airlines: The For Worth, Texas-based airline said it would not fly over Russian airspace.

American Express: Due to the dispute, this New York-based credit card company says its cards no longer work at merchants and ATMs in Russia. Additionally, a note from the company’s CEO says it has also halted operations in Belarus.

Anheuser-Busch: Whether it’s Bud, Bud Light, Michelob, or any of the company’s other offerings, AB says it has suspended all product shipments to Russia.

Apple: Another California-based company steps in to say: more iPhone sales online, and more Russian media in the App Store. A bold move, as experts predict, the ban will cost the company millions in revenue.

Boeing: The Chicago, Illinois-based company said it suspended operations in Russia and halted titanium purchases.

Bumble: Swipe left on Russia, at least for now, the Austin, Texas-based internet dating site says it has shut down its Russian business.

Carnival: When you’re based in Miami, Florida, visiting Russia is probably not on your to-do list. Due to the situation in Ukraine, Carnival announces that it has suspended its Russian routes.

Cisco: Russian hackers are enjoying themselves! Your neighbors may have just lost their cybersecurity service. That’s because this computer giant from San Jose, California is ceasing operations there.

Coca-Cola: Don’t expect to see the name “Vladimir” on one of those red and white promotional cans anytime soon. This ad came a few hours ago Coke:

Our hearts are with those who are suffering the unacceptable effects of these tragic events in Ukraine.

We will continue to monitor and assess the situation as circumstances evolve.

Dell: Based in Round Rock, Texas, they sell to anyone on this round rock we call Earth, unless you’re in Russia. Dell Technologies was ahead of the holiday, announcing on March 1 that it was halting all sales to Russia.

Delta: Atlanta-based Delta Air Lanes had an agreement with Russian carrier Aeroloft allowing customers to reserve seats on another’s planes. This alliance is temporarily suspended.

DirecTV: From El Segundo, Calif., digital television provider DirecTV removed “RT” from its service on March 1. RT is Russia’s state-run television news channel.

Disney: The Russians will have to wait, or find a bootleg of novelties. The company has stopped completely withdrawing from Russia, but is delaying new releases.

Electronic Arts: Based in Redwood City, CA, they make video games and more. EA said it made the decision to stop selling games, content and virtual currency packs in Russia and Belarus during the dispute with Ukraine.

Estee Lauder: Known for its high-quality skin and makeup products, this Big Apple-based company has closed all of its Russian storefronts and halted shipments to the country.

FedEx: Federal Express is among carriers canceling shipments to and from Ukraine due to security concerns. The company has also halted all deliveries to Russian destinations.

Ford Motor: Based in Dearborn, MI, Ford Motor had three plants in operation in Russia until 2019. Although its business investments have not been significant in the country, Ford says these business interests are on hold due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its concern for the Ukrainian people.

GE: Earlier this week, General Electric announced it was shutting down its business operations in Russia. However, the company says it will continue to provide medical supplies and support its existing food services in the region.

Global Foundries: Unfortunately, Russia is one of the places where the critical materials needed to manufacture microchips are located. For now, the California-based chipmaker – which employs about 3,000 people in Malta, NY – says it will do business elsewhere when it comes to sourcing palladium to make its chips.

Harley-Davidson: The Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer has halted all operations and shipments of its motorcycles to Russia until further notice.

IBM: Based in Armonk, NY, global hardware, software and cloud services technology company IBM has suspended “all activities” in Russia.

JPMorgan: Russia is excluded from all bond indices, the New York-based bank announced, effective March 31.

Kellogg: Get these treats and cereal while they last, as the Michigan-based Kellogg Company has suspended all shipping and business operations in the country.

Kraft Heinz: Claiming to be closely monitoring the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, this Chicago-based food manufacturer has halted deliveries to Russia, imports of Russian products and suspended all business operations.

Levi Strauss: If your friend in Russia tells you he bought a pair of Levi Strauss today, he is lying. Earlier this week, the Californian jeans maker suspended all sales in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Mastercard: Although it was announced that Mastercard and Visa would suspend operations in Russia, reports indicate that the cards are still authorized for “domestic purchases”.

McDonald’s: They don’t ask, “Do you want fries with that?” But workers at McDonald’s restaurants in Russia are still being paid as the chain “temporarily closes” more than 800 locations in the country.

Netflix: Based in Los Gatos, Calif., the entertainment provided has stopped working in Russia. No movies, no TV shows, no documentaries, no comedy. At least not from Netflix.

NHL: Yes, the National Hockey League is taking a timeout. They are temporarily suspending all partnerships in Russia.

Nike: Russians who don’t have the latest Jordans, or the latest “Air Zoom”, can call Putin personally to complain. Nike announces that it is temporarily closing the call from its more than 100 outlets located in Russia.

PayPal: The San Jose, Calif.-based online payment system has halted all services in Russia in light of “current circumstances”. This right, the Russians will have to use a different app to exchange money virtually until the invasion is over.

Pepsi: Calling Somers, NY its home, the world’s largest beverage company, PepsiCo has suspended production, sales and shipments to Russia.

Starbucks: The coffee giant from Seattle, Washington, announces that it is suspending business operations and that its licensees in Russia will have to temporarily close.

Twitter: The social media giant said it was removing all Kremlin-related propaganda and ads from its platform.

Under Armour: Baltimore-based sports apparel and equipment company Under Armor has suspended sales in Russia until further notice.

United Airlines: You can “fly friendly skies” with United, but until further notice, they won’t fly in Russian airspace.

UPS: has announced that it no longer flies over Russian airspace, this may impact delivery times and possibly future shipping costs. However, the company says it has contingency plans to continue serving its customers.

WWE: Vince McMahon and company have pulled all content from the Russian airwaves, saying they have ended their rights deal with Match, a Russian TV broadcaster.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and a research team from the Yale School of Management are tracking the list. you can follow it here.


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