John Geiger and Nike settle trademark lawsuit


After a year-long battle, independent designer John Geiger and Nike have settled their trademark infringement lawsuit. According to a post on Geiger’s Instagram, the disputing parties have reached an agreement that “allows John Geiger to continue to grow his brand while respecting Nike’s intellectual property rights to his iconic Air Force 1 trade dress.” Geiger will redesign its GF-01, a shoe that Nike says violated the Air Force 1’s registered trade dress, and the resolution includes a consent judgment — an agreement that resolves a dispute between two parties without an admission guilt or liability on either side.

Nike filed an initial lawsuit against Geiger and shoemaker La La Land in August 2021, claiming that the GF-01 sneaker produced by La La Land “[capitalized] on the reputation of Nike and the reputation of its iconic shoes” and that Geiger’s brand was trying to create “confusion in the marketplace”. Geiger responded with his own statement, saying, “I prepare to fight this battle for all creators and underdogs fighting the same uphill battle as me. I have been very clear throughout the two years of development and sale of the GF-01 that this silhouette was inspired by Nike and I have also made sure that anyone purchasing the shoe knows that it is This is a designer shoe made with premium materials and quality along with my trademark and silhouette modifications.

Geiger has been open about the trials and tribulations of the trial over the past year, often using his social media platforms to update his supporters on the progress of the case – and defiantly firing at Nike. He was also no stranger to lawsuit marketing, hiring the former general counsel of YEEZY Apparel to lead his defense team and making NFTs that included digital copies of court documents. In February this year, Geiger filed its own countersuit – saying consumers were unlikely to confuse the two models. It also obtained a separate US trademark for the GF-01 in June.

Geiger’s company wasn’t alone in feeling the Swoosh’s legal wrath this decade: Nike also sued StockX over its “Vault” series of NFTs, sued MSCHF over “Satan Shoes” and took umbrage with Drip Creationz’. customs as well, all with the goal of protecting the intellectual rights of their most famous products as they continually improve their DTC strategy and progress through the metaverse.

The redesigned GF-01 will likely be unveiled soon, but in the meantime, be sure to catch up on all the freshest kicks to come by checking out the latest episode of our weekly Best Footwear Drops series.


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