Global Sporting Goods Retail Suppliers Leadership and Benchmarking Report 2021 – Nike, Foot Locker, Dick’s, Adidas, Puma and Rudolf Dassler –


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The sporting goods retail manufacturing landscape is diverse and constantly changing. The major players in the sporting goods retail market have diversified product portfolios, strong geographic reach and have taken several strategic initiatives.

The dynamics of the sporting goods retail market extend beyond the usual macroeconomic elements of supply and demand. It is the relationship between the needs of the buyer and the capabilities of the seller as well as the macroeconomic forces at work that affect the market. It is the quality and effectiveness with which sellers respond to buyers’ needs that determines long-term success.

Over the years, the level of demand for retail sporting goods has increased due to the growth of the global sports market and the increasing number of sporting events. Various types of retail sporting goods are used, such as equipment, athletic shoes and sportswear, and are expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5%.

The major growth drivers for this market are growing disposable income, governments promoting sports activities and encouraging sports participation, and increasing number of health conscious people.

This report also offers a complete analysis of the competition, from target markets to product mapping, from sales strategies to production capacities. In this research study, six companies such as Nike, Foot Locker, Dick’s, Adidas, Puma, and Rudolf Dassler were analyzed and profiled as they are the major revenue generators for retail sporting goods. The six profiled manufacturers are grouped in the quadrant. The leadership quadrant analyzes the relative strength of these actors. The Leadership quadrant addresses the market need for manufacturer assessment based on objective data and measurement.

Some of the features of this research study are:

Leadership and competitive analysis:

  • Key Players Product Mapping

  • Comparative analysis of the financial strength of the main players

  • Leadership Quadrant/Strategic Player Positioning

  • Leaders

  • Competitors

  • Visionaries

  • Specialists

Profiles of the main players in terms of parameters below:

  • Product positioning

  • Market positioning

  • Financial solidity

  • Breakdown of turnover by market segment

  • Breakdown of revenue by region

  • Organizational capacities

  • Innovation and market leadership

This report answers the following key questions:

  • What are the market shares of vendors in various segments of product types such as equipment, sports shoes and sportswear?

  • Who are the market leaders in different regions and what are their market shares?

  • Which companies are most aligned with market opportunities and which companies have the ability to gain market share?

  • What are the key differentiators for leading vendors?

  • Which company has the widest product range and what does the product mapping look like among the different players?

  • Which companies will gain market share?

Main topics covered:

1. Leadership Analysis

1.1: Description of the contract

1.2: Scoring criteria

1.3: Leadership quadrant analysis

1.3.1: Leaders (top right)

1.3.2: Competitors (bottom right)

1.3.3: Visionaries (top left)

1.3.4: Specialists (bottom left)

2. Competitive Benchmarking

2.1: Analysis of the product portfolio

2.2: Financial strength

2.3: Market share analysis

2.3.1: Market share in various segments

2.3.2: Market share in various regions

3. Nike Profile

3.1: Presentation of the company

3.1.1: Description of the Nike company and sectors of activity

3.1.2: Nike company statistics

3.2: Sporting Goods Retail Business Overview

3.2.1: Retail Sporting Goods Business Segment

3.2.2: Global sporting goods retail operations

3.2.3: Main differentiators and strengths

3.3: Products and product positioning

3.3.1: Presentation of the product range

3.3.2: Retail sporting goods product mapping

3.3.3: Product positioning in market segments

3.4: Markets and market positioning

3.4.1: Market position in the global sporting goods retail trade

3.5: Breakdown of revenues by market segment

3.6: Breakdown of revenue by region

3.7: Manufacturing

3.7.1: Global manufacturing operations

3.8: Innovation and market leadership

3.9: Marketing, sales and organizational skills

3.9.1: Marketing and sales

3.9.2: Management commitment and review

3.10: Financial strength

4. Profile Foot Locker

5. Dick’s Profile

6. Adidas profile

7. Puma Profile

8. Profile of Rudolf Dassler

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