Genocide Games: The Beijing Olympics, a drop in television ratings, but still a great propaganda victory for the communist regime


While some have called the 2022 Winter Olympics the “Genocide Games”, the event will be remembered as a propaganda victory for the Chinese government which sought to portray one of the world’s worst dictatorships as a “normal” nation.

Still, there have been times, like when a Dutch TV reporter was suddenly armed by a Chinese security guard. in the middle of a live report.

And when videos posted by a finnish skier of water dripping from the ceiling and electrical outlets in his apartment in the Olympic Village went viral, Chinese authorities ordered him to delete the posts.

“The Olympics are meant to be a celebration of the human spirit. These Winter Olympics were a propaganda exercise to make the regime look good in the eyes of the world,” says Steven Mosher, author of Asia’s Bully: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.

The Beijing Olympics were controversial before they even started and critics say they still managed to show China’s communist government for what it really is.

NBC rejected a TV commercial intended for broadcast during the Olympics which was funded by Congressman Mike Waltz (R-FL), which began with “The greatest sports showcase in the world. But just outside of the show, rape, genocide, slave labor…”

The ad targeted US sponsors of the games. NBC has ordered that the names of the sponsors be blurred.

Waltz told us, “I wanted to challenge corporate America that funds everything, AirBNB, Intel, Visa, Nike. It’s just shameful and disgusting that corporate America turns a blind eye and funds this. And by the way, dictators love people. Olympics. They love the propaganda platform. Everyone who participates turns a blind eye to their atrocities.”

The spot also featured NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom, who says in the ad, “Stand up for freedom. End dictatorships. When you see ‘Made in China,’ put it aside.”

Turkey’s Kanter Freedom, a vocal critic of China and the NBA, has changed his name so that “Freedom” is displayed on his basketball jersey.

But his NBA career may now be over after the Boston Celtics traded him last week to the Houston Rockets, who then put him on waiver.

Some claim NBA bowed to pressure from China.

Although there have been comparisons to the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany, Chinese expert Mosher believes these games are worse.

“Worse because we didn’t know much about the concentration camps at the time, the persecution, the genocide of the Jews hadn’t started in earnest yet. Uh, but we know there is genocide in real time against the 12 million Uyghurs in far western China, not to mention that they and other dissidents are being cut up and their organs literally harvested and sold.”

In 1936, not only did the world flock to Berlin, but some athletes even gave the Nazi salute during the opening ceremonies.

At these games, the United States and other nations chose to declare only a so-called “diplomatic boycott”.

The world showed up again, the games were held, and the communist leaders got to enjoy their moment on the world stage.


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