Asbury Ocean Club kicks off holiday weekend with art gallery opening


The resort overlooks the Asbury Park beach and boardwalk, but this Labor Day weekend, the Asbury Ocean Club hopes to turn the eyes of beachgoers — and residents — to its brand new art gallery. .

The Foundation Room will open September 2 at the Asbury Ocean Club with works by 13-year-old artist Joe Whale, also known as The Doodle Boy. The 1,500 square foot space is launched in partnership with Rema Hort Mann Foundation founders Michael and Susan Hort and art consultant and foundation board member Emily Santangelo.

According to Asbury Ocean Club, the Horts and Santangelo, a resident of the seaside town, both have strong ties to Asbury Park. The couple will be hosting and donating their art for the Foundation Hall through October.

Creative kids

Joe Whale’s parents enrolled The Doodle Boy in an art class after he was repeatedly reprimanded at school for drawing in his notebooks. Like him, other teenagers are channeling their talents and creations into entrepreneurial outlets. Read more:

Friday’s event marks the culmination of a five-year effort by the Horts to find a suitable space to house their collection for the public. “In Black & White” is the first American solo exhibition for The doodle boyalthough many may be familiar with his signature, colorless designs, which have given him opportunities with the likes of NikeScholastic Books and NBC’s talent show Little Big Shots, for which he designed the backdrop.

The exhibit, which runs through October 31, also marks the first time that Whale’s original works will be offered for sale in the United States, with proceeds going to the Rema Hort Mann Foundation.

Renee Levin, famous for her larger-than-life seashell images, will also be featured as a guest artist.

The Foundation Hall opens to the public at 6 p.m. on September 2.


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