Ad of the Day: Nike Launches 3D Billboard in Shinjuku Ahead of Air Max Day


As Air Max Day approaches, Nike has taken over a huge billboard in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district with a 3D activation that is catching the attention of locals and social media users.

The campaign runs from March 21-27 and features the instantly recognizable orange Nike sneaker box, which opens to reveal multiple Air Max styles in multiple colorways while hinting at the inspiration behind each shoe.

Starting in 2014, sneakerheads around the world marked March 26 by celebrating all things Nike Air Max. Notably, this year marks the shoe’s 35th anniversary, and fans of the brand are expecting the sportswear giant to release three new Air Max 1 colorways, with each pair exclusive to a specific region.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice a cat’s paw sliding the box at the very end, and those familiar with Cross Shinjuku will be aware of the infamous 3D calico cat called Nya who resides there. Since July 2021, Nya has been interacting with the organization that advertises in space.

Nya cat

Cross Shinjuku Vision is a new landmark facility in the city, with the first three floors of the building frequently used as event space, while the top floor is equipped with the latest 4K image quality, LEDs and speakers.


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